About Eagle Eye Forensics, LLC

Since January, 2003, Eagle Eye Forensics has saved time and money for clients by applying sound digital forensic methods to recover, preserve, extract, analyze, and present digital information for its use as evidence in legal proceedings.

In addition to the preservation of normal electronic files, data from deleted, encrypted, or damaged files has been recovered by our methods.  Any or all of the recovered information may aid during discovery, depositions, or actual litigation.  Of course, protecting the integrity of the information so that it can be admitted as evidence in a court proceeding is always paramount during the process.

Today we offer our clients a variety of digital forensic services.  Our capabilities continue to grow, both internally and through the establishment of relationships with outside specialist.  We see no end to the growth and development of our services; for the field of digital forensics is always growing to include new digital devices, media to store digital information, and forensic examination technologies and techniques.

Eagle Eye Forensics will continue to link its future to the clients' requirements and technology's growth.  We expect to continue to expand our services, technologies, and methodologies to provide more information for building a firm evidentiary foundation for your cases.

Eagle Eye Forensics strictly adheres to the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists' (IACIS) Code of Ethics and the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) Bylaws.  These affiliations require our findings to be completely impartial and neutral during any of our forensic examinations.  Clients benefit from our neutrality; for as impartial digital experts, experienced in a wide range of digital hardware and software, we can select and apply appropriate methods for discovering and securing your evidentiary information.

In addition to its forensic services, Eagle Eye Forensics also provides data and e-mail recovery services, security consultations, and support for the digital forensic activities of law enforcement officials.