Cases and Clients

A wide variety of users avail themselves of digital forensic services —

  • Civil litigators: Use personal and business records found on digital media for fraud, bankruptcy, discrimination, harassment, and divorce cases.
  • Accountants: Recover spread sheets, databases letters, memos, and e-mail relating to financial matters to discover hidden assets and fraud.

  • Human resource managers in corporations: Ascertain evidence relating to embezzlement; theft or misappropriation of trade secrets, IP, and other confidential information; and labor and employment matters.

  • Private investigators: Determine existence and/or content of files affecting personal matters.
  • Individuals: Support claims of improper employment practices, medical malpractice, and personal financial management. 

  • Insurance companies: Mitigate costs by using digital evidence of possible fraud in accident, arson, and workman’s compensation cases.

  • Criminal prosecutors and law enforcement officials: Find incriminating documents for homicides, drug, fraud, embezzlement, securities, and child pornography cases.

We have been privileged to provide our services to some of the outstanding law firms and companies in the greater Atlanta area.  We thank them for the confidence in us that they have displayed by using our services.